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The Meeting Place For Women

Ministry Methods

Various methods are used to minister to women to enable wholeness at The Meeting Place. These methods include but are not limited to:

Soaking Prayer

"Soaking" is an expressive term used to describe a spiritual, emotional and physical position that we place ourselves in to receive from the Lord by spending time in His Presence. It is a way that we can calm our souls and rest. We stop striving and allow the Lord to restore our soul by being still.

Sozo Ministry

Sozo is a method of helping to heal individuals of the effects of wounding and sin. The primary purpose is to move through healing and freedom and into restoration of relationship with Father God. From this the person re-establishes destiny, purpose and direction.

Healing Prayer

Healing prayer is prayer that asks the Holy Spirit to be present with His guidance and His healing power. The condition for which prayer is needed is targeted and the Lord is petitioned to heal the person. Scriptures that focus on healing are used as well as laying on of hands.

Anointing With Oil - "Shemen"

"His name is as ointment poured forth". We believe there are Biblical oils specified in scripture that may be used in conjunction with prayer to facilitate healing. We consider this part of the restoration of "The Garden" with the use of plant life for healing.

Biblical Advisement

The Meeting Place believes the Bible is the infallible and authoritative Word of God. We use the Bible as our foundation for instruction and rely on the Scripture as our guide.

Christian Fellowship

Gathering together and sharing about the Lord is a vital part of ministry. Here at the Meeting Place we talk about God's goodness and how He is working in our lives. Dining together brings us great joy as we talk about how the Lord has encountered us through Soaking Prayer, Sozo and Healing Prayer.   

Physical Rest

The Meeting Place For Women is a place of peace and rest. Women active in ministry and leadership are encouraged to relax, be themselves and receive the ministry of the Holy Spirit. The atmosphere is one of hospitality, elegance, beauty and restoration!

The Meeting Place For Women is a place of release from burdens and restoration of dreams and vision.

A place where women "dance" with their Lord!

It is a place of hope where the King's Treasures

are revealed to each woman who visits!


Ruth Fazal